We dream of a world where every child has access to quality education. Together, we believe it is achievable.

Tinogona is a movement committed to making universal access to quality education achievable.
We believe every child should have the right to a quality education despite gender, lack of resources, or poor health.
We believe in supporting our educators who stand with our children and motivate them to access knowledge.
We believe in community involvement with those impacted by the need engaged in finding the solutions.
We believe real change will occur when our global community comes together to support educational equality.
We believe in the power of our dream.



Support our Tinogona School Rebuilding Project with a tax-deductible donation today. Your gift will go towards providing educational resources to the students we serve.  


Tinogona is a movement that is 100% volunteer driven. All our management and executive directors are volunteers. This ensures that our donor resources go directly to our projects. Volunteers have become the backbone of our movement as they help us remain true to our cause—ensuring the right to our children’s education and a better future. JOIN US